Questions to ask before you commit to a granny flat

Manawatu rental cabin

Dec 8, 2021

“Granny flat” is a term used to describe a unit for living in, that is on the same site as the main house. It could be physically attached to the main house but is usually a separate building.

You might think a granny flat is simply for an elderly relative moving in but is essentially just an extra building. And that extra building could be a RoomMate Cabin that has many uses.

Whatever your requirement, there are a number of things to consider before committing to a RoomMate Cabin.

Do you have a suitable space and land?

Before making a decision, look at how much space you have. This will help you decide on the best size portable cabin for your needs. We have a few cabin options. Choose from our standard cabin (3.6m x 2.4m), or a large one (4.2m x 2.4m) and we’ll do the rest. Some of our suppliers also carry an extra-large option at 4.8m x 2.6m.

Our different cabin types have many of the same features: they are built at full head height, with large windows to let in the light. They also feature modern LED lights, curtains, and carpeted floors. Outside there is a deck with overhang roof to protect from rain.

What will the access be?

As our cabins do not have any water connections you will need to think about whether you have to go into the main property for bathroom access or whether you can utilise another external location attached to a garage for example?

RoomMate Cabins are delivered on a custom-built tipping trailer. If we can get our trailer to your site, we can deliver your cabin! If we can’t get our trailer to a site, we can often arrange for a Hiab to lift the cabin into place (this will add to the cost of delivery). With this flexibility you can even create a separate entrance for privacy.

What are you using the granny flat for?

Is your granny flat going to be used by a family member, or are you planning to rent it out? You may need to adjust your approach depending on your plans. Perhaps it is not an elderly family member but a teenager or an adult child who needs their own space.

Maybe you run a business from home and want an office space separate from your home. Or maybe you want to earn some extra income from renting but don’t want to invest in a larger property in the New Zealand housing market.

Do you need to arrange a council consent?

As RoomMate Cabins are under 30sqm, are transportable and have no water connections, they do not require a permit. They are subject to the usual height-to-boundary rules, but this should not restrict you from being able to get a portable cabin.

Your local RoomMate operator will be able to advise you. Consents are subject to local council regulations, and we recommend you seek guidance and clarification from your local council before renting a Roommate Cabin.

Rent a portable cabin today

RoomMate Cabins are only available to rent, with a minimum period being six months. We usually deliver within a few days, depending on availability. Your local RoomMate Cabin supplier will be able to advise you.