Six creative ways to use a RoomMate Cabin

office rental cabin

Mar 2, 2021

Many of us are spending more time at home these days. We have seen a dramatic shift over the past year and more people than ever have discovered that our rental cabins can be utilised in a multitude of ways.

Many New Zealand families are now finding themselves looking for the versatility that renting portable cabins can offer.

Take a look at these six creative ideas for how you can make use of our portable cabins:

Build your business empire from home

Gone are the days where you must set up a brick-and-mortar storefront to run your business. Whether you’re a massage therapist, interior designer or freelance photographer, a RoomMate Cabin can work for your business.

Portable cabins are a cost-effective and convenient solution to take the stress out of running your business at home.

No need to wait around, start building your business from home today!

Create private spaces for multigenerational living

Recent trends show it’s becoming more common to find multiple generations living under one roof. With grandparents, parents and children cohabiting a single household, portable cabins are the perfect solution to make more space for comfortable and private living.

On the flipside it’s also becoming increasingly common for grown children, who have previously flown the nest, to return home. After months or years of living independently, why not rent a cabin to ensure everyone retains their personal space.

For more tips on how portable cabins can support multigenerational living make sure you read our previous blog here.

Let your creativity flow

We all need a creative outlet, so why not create an art studio in one of our portable cabins.

Whether it’s a hobby project or a business venture, rent a cabin from RoomMate Cabins and give yourself space to let those creative juices flow!

Who knows what you will create when you have the space to let your imagination run wild.

Room for reading

In a busy household it can be difficult to find a quiet moment to get lost in a good book. With a RoomMate Cabin you can set up a cosy reading nook for peaceful, interruption-free reading.

It’s the ideal extra space for booklovers to create a personal library at home!

Event security hub

A portable cabin is the perfect set-up for a security hub at your event. Rent a cabin to provide your team with a portable on-site security office, where they can safely and efficiently carry out their duties.

Escape the office

Looking for an easy commute? Want a break from the hustle and bustle of office life?

Our portable cabins allow you to set-up a productive space to work from home – giving you separation from your home to support a positive work-life balance.

With more employers offering flexible work options, RoomMate Cabins provides a practical solution to make this happen.


If you’re looking for the versatility our portable cabins provide, make sure you contact your nearest Auckland or Nationwide RoomMate Cabins Supplier today.