May 13, 2022

Good reasons to hire a rental cabin instead of building a second dwelling

So, you want to add some extra space at your place. Perhaps you need a quiet spot to work from home, or an extra bedroom for your growing family. Now’s the time to take a good look at your options: Should you build a second dwelling? Or hire a rental cabin in NZ? Both options […]

May 13, 2022

10 of the World’s Top Cabins to Hire

As travel restrictions ease and New Zealand connects with the rest of the world, it’s exciting to start thinking about overseas holidays again. Check out these unique rental cabin getaways to add to your destination wish list! (Make sure you read to the end, as we’ve saved the very best till last…) Blue Sky Center […]

May 13, 2022

Rent a cabin to increase your living space

Running out of space at home? If you’ve been thinking it’s time to expand your living space or bedrooms you might be considering a costly extension to your existing house or even moving to a larger home in the current housing market – but we have a solution that is affordable, quick, and easy! Renting […]

Apr 27, 2022

RoomMate Cabins’ top 10 places to visit in New Zealand

Summer is officially on its way out and winter is just around the corner, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from exploring this beautiful country! Our portable cabins manage to find their way all across the country, with suppliers located all over New Zealand. We have canvassed opinions to come up with the definitive […]

Apr 12, 2022

Finding yourself in a pickle?

Are you looking for ways to save money or build a nest egg? With the ever-increasing rise in living costs, many New Zealanders are struggling to make ends meet and getting ahead can feel out of reach. Whether you’ve fallen on difficult times, looking for ways to increase your rainy-day fund or even saving for […]

Apr 4, 2022

Renting a portable cabin as your new happy place

Are you looking for your new happy place to live in around NZ? We have your solution! Renting a portable cabin from RoomMate Cabins is an affordable, fast, and easy solution for people looking for a place to call their own. Warm, cosy, and modern, our portable cabins can easily be transformed into your own […]

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