Why Teens Need Their Own Space


Apr 9, 2021

We can all remember how it felt to be a teenager – not quite an adult but desiring the independence that comes with being a ‘grown up’. If you currently have a teen living in your home, you might be experiencing this from the other side, as the parent.

An important part of growing up is having the room to develop independently. A portable cabin could offer the solution you need to give your teenager privacy and independence, while still being safe at home.

Let’s look at some reasons why offering space and privacy can help you to raise a confident, trustworthy and individualised teenager.


It’s a Natural Part of Growing Up

There’s no easy way around it, the teenage years are an awkward stage – I’m sure we all have a moment or two that makes us cringe looking back.

While it can be an uncomfortable and confusing time, teens are also beginning to seek more freedom and trust than they had as children.

For parents it might be challenging to loosen the reins – your child is growing up and it can be difficult to accept that as a teenager they no longer need as much from you as they did in their younger years. Understandably, this is a time of massive adjustment for both the parent and teenager.

Teenagers want to be trusted – it’s natural that they will want to be seen as mature. Showing that you trust and respect your teen will instil a sense of confidence and maturity which they can carry through into adulthood.

Giving your teens their own separate room provides them with a quiet and independent space to develop new skills that will support their transition into adulthood, while allowing them time to contemplate and understand the life changes they are going through.


The Developing Brain Actually Needs Privacy and Solitude

Does your teenager always seem cranky and moody for no apparent reason lately? While it can be easy to take this personally it’s actually more likely caused by their rapidly developing brain.

You might notice that they want to spend more time alone or with friends. You might worry that they are lonely or detaching themselves from you, but this new desire for solitude is necessary to support the development of a healthy mind.

Time spent alone allows teens to rest and recharge from everything that is going on in their daily life. With the growing impact of social media and busier lifestyles, it’s also important for them to learn how to disconnect and enjoy their own company.

This time out in their own private space can be incredibly positive and improve their overall wellbeing.


Figuring Out Who They Are as Individuals

Teenagers are going through a huge period of growth and change – moving away from childhood and beginning to discover who they will become as adults. Having the space and privacy to do this is crucial for healthy teen development.

They might wish to decorate their room in a way that fits their growing personality or use the private space to gain a deeper understanding of what they like and who they are without fear of judgement. This self-awareness will help them build confidence that will be invaluable throughout their later teen and adult years.

Having the peace and quiet of their own space allows for further opportunities to learn who they are as individuals.


Give Your Teen Independence with RoomMate Cabin

Wondering how you can give your teen a space that is safe but still allows them to have independence?

Rent a cabin from RoomMate Cabins, and have it delivered to your door so that you acan quickly and easily create a comfortable bedroom, chill-out zone or study area for your teen, giving them privacy and independence from the safety of home. Our portable cabins provide you with the means to give your teen the space needed for healthy development if your home doesn’t allow for it.

With more teens and young adults living at home longer with their parents, our portable cabins are a practical solution for your family if you need more space at your place.

If you’re looking for the versatility our portable cabins provide, make sure you contact your nearest RoomMate Cabins Supplier today.