Tips for Living at Home Yet Remaining Independent

bed in rental cabin

Jun 4, 2021

How long is it acceptable to live at home with your parents? In today’s society it’s becoming increasingly common for young adults to continue living at home with their parents beyond the traditional age.

When you consider the rise of living costs, it makes sense that 20-somethings are choosing to stay home and save money before officially flying the nest.

While there are many pros to living at home with family, it can be difficult to remain independent under your parents’ roof – something many young adults struggle to deal with.

But there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you stay independent while living at home. Read on to find out how!


Set boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries, make it clear that you’re no longer a child and want to be treated as an adult in the household. Sit down with your parents and discuss how you can make this new dynamic work.

Your parents need to respect these boundaries, but don’t forget you also need to respect theirs and prove yourself a capable adult. You can’t ask to be treated as an independent adult, while still expecting your mum to continue doing your laundry.


Establish clear communication

In any relationship or living situation clear communication is vital, and it’s no different when you are living at home with your parents. Make sure these channels are open and any expectations are set from the beginning.

Good communication will minimise any misunderstandings, resulting in less friction for everyone.

Remember, living at home as an adult won’t be the same as when you were younger. As we grow older, the parent/child relationship begins to change, and communication styles evolve.


Contribute to the household

As adults we all have to deal with the fun responsibilities that come with being a grown up.  Just because you are living at home with your parents, doesn’t mean you should completely ignore these.

Perhaps you could offer to help with buying groceries or chipping in on household bills. If you’re studying or not working full time, think about non-financial ways you could help out – could you cook a dinner a few nights every week or take responsibility for cleaning around the house?

Not only will contributing to the household help your parents, it’s also great practice for when you move out on your own.


Stay motivated

Living at home as an adult can occasionally make you feel as though you are stuck in a loop. Setting realistic and achievable goals can help you feel as though you’re moving forward and reaching milestones.

Simple goals such as creating a financial plan and saving a specific amount or working towards a promotion will give you direction and purpose.

Whatever the goal, create a plan and stick to it.


Create a space of your own

As adults, we all crave a space we can call our own. Creating a place where you can retreat and recharge is an important consideration when living at home as an adult.

This could be a bedroom, office, or separate living area – a comfortable space where you will have privacy and independence.

After years of putting up with your parents’ interior decisions, this is also a chance to get creative with your own decorating style and personality!


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