Helping New Zealand through Covid-19

covid help in rental cabin

Feb 8, 2022

At RoomMate Cabins we have loved playing our part in the team of 5 million and supporting essential services over the last two years.

Our ability for contactless delivery has meant we have been able to deliver portable cabin solutions during some of the most challenging times.

We have plenty of examples from around the country where are portable cabins have provided a solution to support our medical professionals, but we thought we would highlight some that spring to mind.

Waikato Hospital

In the early stages of the initial Level 4 lockdown Paul and the Waikato team were asked to supply a portable cabin to provide additional triage space at the DHB in Hamilton.

The RoomMate Cabin was installed to ensure the emergency department was able to continue to provide a seamless service while the medical sector came to terms with what COVID-19 meant to their regular operations.

We were extremely proud to be able to help medical professionals so they can keep offering their much-needed services to our communities and it has continued since March 2020.


Norm and the team have been busy supporting various medical outfits across the capital. In an acknowledgment to the fluid nature of things, the flexibility and willingness to respond to the need meant solutions were delivered at short notice.

“We were asked by a Practice Manager if we had a cabin and we had one delivered to Johnsonville Medical in 2.5 hours.”

The flexibility of a RoomMate Cabin meant we were able to position it in a way that kept the flow of the car park moving in a busy area. That flexibility was also on display recently with the team coming up with a creative solution to ensure a cabin was able to squeeze into a tight space to be used for Covid testing at the City Health Surgery.

“We had to let the tyres down and push the cabin back on the trailer to equal the height to get this cabin onto a carpark in central Wellington.”

Swanson Medical

These sorts of solutions we are able to provide are not just temporary either, Swanson Medical in Auckland was delivered their cabin when the pandemic first hit in 2020 and have held onto it ever since.

“Our RoomMate Cabin is one of the best investments we have made to help our practice run during Covid. It’s given us the space and flexibility to manage multiple patient streams at once,” said Dr. Wiki Gillespie.

Our ability

So if you are looking for a solution to keep your team and customers safe and to help you keep going get in contact today.