Common myths about portable cabins

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Feb 25, 2022

The availability and use of high-quality portable cabins present options across several fields. However, some misconceptions still exist, which may be stopping some businesses and households from exploring the full range of benefits they can provide.

It’s worth examining some of the common myths that exist around portable cabins and determining whether there’s any truth to them – or whether this solution may actually have much more to offer than you may have otherwise realised.

Myth: They’re unsafe or of poor quality

One of the most common myths surrounding portable cabins is the idea they are less safe or less robust than conventional structures. In reality, portable accommodation is developed according to strict safety codes and regulations, following industry-approved standards of production, methodology and material use.

So, what’s unique about a RoomMate Cabin? We build our cabins from the ground up. Our cabins are built at full head height, with large windows to let in the light. They also feature modern LED lights, curtains, and carpeted floors. Outside there is a deck with overhang roof to protect from rain. Our different cabin types have many of the same features, with size being the biggest variable: our standard cabins are 3.6m x 2.4m, while large cabins come in at 4.2m x 2.4m.

Myth: They’re cold and uncomfortable

For those with a limited understanding of how portable cabins works, the idea of a prefab cabin may conjure up images of a draughty, rickety shack with poor insulation and limited methods for controlling the temperature and comfort levels inside. In truth, time spent inside a modern portable cabin can be every bit as comfortable as any other form of shelter.

Our RoomMate Cabins are insulated to a residential standard. The Batts in the walls and ceilings, as well as underfloor insulation, ensure a safe, warm, dry and cosy space at your place. Not only does it protect you against the cold winter temperatures by keeping the heat in, but it also creates energy efficiencies and increases your comfort levels.

Myth: They’re spartan and utilitarian

Another common assumption about portable cabins is that they are sparsely equipped and lacking in many of the conventional creature comforts one might expect. However, portable cabins are flexible enough to contain a full suite of furnishings and appliances, meaning they can provide a personalised living environment for an extended period of time.

In fact, the RoomMate Cabin: it’s one of the most versatile buildings you can find. Over the years, we have seen many creative ways to use a RoomMate Cabin. Still, with all the examples of use, you may have questions about how much you can fit in a RoomMate Cabin. To help potential RoomMate Cabins users, here are some tips to maximise the space in your portable cabin to create extra space at your place, while others apply especially to the portable cabin life.

Myth: They’re limited in use

Many perceive portable buildings to have a limited number of applications, seeing them as purely a temporary accommodation solution for construction businesses or those carrying out project-based work, to be used on a short-term basis only. While it is true that many organisations rely on portable accommodation for this kind of purpose, it’s far from the only possible application of these versatile units.

At RoomMate Cabins our portable cabins can be used to create solutions for a wide range of functions. In fact, here are six creative ways to use a RoomMate Cabin.

Rent a portable cabin today

RoomMate Cabins are only available to rent, with a minimum period being six months. We usually deliver within a few days, depending on availability. Your local RoomMate Cabin supplier will be able to advise you. And if you want to rent a RoomMate Cabin it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…