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About RoomMate Cabins

New Zealand's first business specialising in portable cabins - and still the most popular!

RoomMate was the brainchild of Morrinsville real estate agent and property developer Dennis Trotter.  Dennis established the business in 2002 after noticing a trend in the purchase and sale of residential real estate.  People would often sell their home and purchase a larger property to cater to the needs of growing teenage children.  A few years later when the children left home, they would then downsize back to a smaller house.  Each move came at a considerable cost, the most significant being real estate fees.  And so the idea of cabins as a temporary accommodation option was born.

While small, portable buildings had been around for a number of years before this, in most cases they were very basic and were built to satisfy the commercial market.  Often they were used on building sites.  RoomMate was the first NZ business to specialise in the construction and lease of cabins for the residential market.