Rent a cabin to use as a treatment or therapy room

Rent a cabin to use as a treatment or therapy room

Sep 12, 2019

Renting a portable cabin is a great way to start a therapy or treatment home-based business. Having a cabin as your base means that you have flexibility with your work hours, your family and your lifestyle.

Many of our cabin customers started their business using a room in their house (or the kitchen table!). Something we hear a lot is, “I need more space!”

Over the years we’ve seen so many customers use a cabin to set up their therapy/treatment room. And they are loving it!

Photo credit: @blissmassage

What business can I set up in a portable cabin?
We have so many different cabin clients throughout New Zealand who use their cabin as a therapy/treatment room.

Our cabins have been used by –

  • massage therapists,
  • beauty therapists,
  • homeopaths and naturopaths,
  • nail professionals,
  • make-up consultants,
  • essential oil businesses,
  • counsellors and mentors,
  • brow specialists,
  • wardrobe consultants, and
  • reiki consultants.

That’s such a wide-range of opportunities.

Photo credit: @blissmassage

Affordable, portable cabins are a great way to start a business.
There’s always a bit of nervousness about setting up a business. Renting a portable cabin is way cheaper than renting rooms, and is less of a financial risk than if you had to commit to renting long-term commercial premises.

With a minimum cabin hire period of six months, you have the flexibility to give it back if working from home isn’t working as you thought it would. (Although, do check out our blog, “How a cabin can help your home-based business succeed”).

RoomMate Cabins are finished in neutral colours to suit any style.
RoomMate Cabins are finished in neutral colour tones – either plain plywood or painted white. Either way, because they are neutral, you can create your own stylish space that suits your personal style and that your clients will love!

The neutral finished walls are great to hang and display things – pictures, plants, mirrors, shelves – the options are endless – so let your creativity design a special space for you and your clients.

This is really important as a business that is trying to create a calm, serene and peaceful space for your clients.

Our cabins are well insulated and easy to heat so that your client is comfortable when having their appointment with you.

Great to have that extra space at your place!
As you can see in the photos, there is plenty of space for displaying your treatments,  a table or desk, a chair, and still have room for a treatment bed, chair or workstation.

Depending on the business you’re setting up, there is room for a small fridge with tea and coffee making, or to offer a cool glass of water, or even a wine if that’s your thing!

A private space for your treatment room.
It’s really important that your treatment room has privacy. A cabin means you have a dedicated private space away from the home. No more clients walking through your home, which is great for you and your family. Having a dedicated treatment space also gives your client the special treatment they deserve.

We are always amazed at how stunning the cabin looks when styled and set-up ready for business.

The joy of working from home…
Working from home is a dream for many people. With a RoomMate Cabin this dream can become your reality!

You can experience the freedom of being your own boss, working the hours that suit you, your family and your lifestyle. The flexibility is fantastic.

And you can walk to work!!!

Photo credit: @shinenaildesignnz

Have a chat to your local RoomMate Cabin operator.
We’re not just cabins, we do great service too! Our operators love helping people create their home-based businesses. They’re full of useful advise and are happy to just have a chat and discuss whether renting a cabin is a good option for you.

Check out the video below, especially our client who talks about how her cabin has worked for her lifestyle, family and massage therapy business. And think about whether a RoomMate Cabin is the solution you need to start working from home.