Getting a portable cabin to your place

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Aug 29, 2019

We work hard to get a cabin to your place.
At RoomMate Cabins we really try hard to get a cabin into where you want it. Sometimes it’s not so straight forward so some planning is required.

Generally when you order a cabin or enquire about hiring a cabin, your RoomMate Cabin operator will take a look at your place (either by Google Maps or come and do a site visit). They look at a number of considerations including whether it has good access, where you want the cabin to go, and how level the section is.

An off-road route to deliver a cabin in the countryside.

Hi-ab cabin deliveries.
Most cabin deliveries are done with our specially designed trailers. And it’s pretty straight-forward.

However, there are times when we can’t get our trailers or the cabins into your section. There may be things blocking the access (buildings or trees) where you need the cabin to be placed. This is where a hi-ab delivery can be useful. We use reputable hi-ab companies who do a superb job of delivering our cabins in tricky places!

Not every place is suitable for hi-abs unfortunately. The cost of the hi-ab is extra for you.

Impressive arrival of a cabin!

Going the extra mile with cabin deliveries.
The picture below is when a cabin was delivered to a beach property that had no road access.

With some great planning, working with low tides, and some excellent communication skills, the new cabin renters were extremely impressed and happy with their new cabin delivery.

At RoomMate Cabins, we’re proud of our operators and how they work hard to help people to get a cabin. If you need more space at your place, then we’re here to help you.

Do you need more space?
If you want a cabin to give you that extra space and are concerned about whether it will fit or get onto your property, give your local RoomMate Cabin operator a call. They will happily assess your place to see if they can get the cabin you need.