Work from home

Apr 9, 2020

How to work from home

Many of us at RoomMate Cabins work from home – right out of our own portable cabins – and many of our customers do too. You could say we’re experts. Which is why we understand the huge shift many people are experiencing right now, being forced to work from home (WFH) – and in a […]

Nov 7, 2019

Using a cabin as your dedicated study zone

Having your own study space is crucial for learning. To study you need: Peace and quiet. Less interruptions. To create your own study zone – like listening to your own music that then doesn’t bother others. But you also sometimes need just a bit more space than your bedroom or your kitchen table! Just as […]

Sep 12, 2019

Rent a cabin to use as a treatment or therapy room

Renting a portable cabin is a great way to start a therapy or treatment home-based business. Having a cabin as your base means that you have flexibility with your work hours, your family and your lifestyle. Many of our cabin customers started their business using a room in their house (or the kitchen table!). Something […]

Aug 15, 2019

Portable cabins are a cost-effective solution for students

The cost of studying is getting extremely expensive these days. Accommodation is one of the costs that adds to the burden for students. With rental properties skyrocketing in price, renting a cabin is a much more cost-effective option for students. RoomMate portable cabins save money The money saved in rental costs can go towards other […]

Jul 4, 2019

Are you building your own home? A cabin makes a great on-site office

Speaking from personal experience, we built our family home five years ago. One of the first things we did, was install a standard cabin (2.4m x 3.6m) onto the property to enable us to have a secure and clean space away from the building site. We installed a large desk that kept the site plans […]

Jun 6, 2019

How a cabin can help your home-based business succeed

Even here at RoomMate Cabins many of us work from home, so we know first-hand what it’s like.  There are great benefits, but there can also be some challenges. Our customers know (and so do we) that working from home gives you greater flexibility, you can work around your family easier, and there’s no commuting!  […]