This home is your home, this home is my home

Old lady sitting inside rental cabin

Dec 11, 2020

Multigenerational living is a growing trend the world over. Across the board, there are an increasing number of families opting to live this way. Defined as families consisting of more than two generations living together, this can be as simple as living with a grandparent.

Closer to home, a Branz report commissioned by the Government in 2016 concluded that this trend has reached our shores. Since 2001 multigenerational living has been on the rise, with Christchurch numbers growing 80 per cent from 1996 to 2013 and Auckland figures doubling.

These figures may now be set to rise further. With the dramatic increase in population coupled with a rising median age, more and more New Zealand families may find themselves looking to multigenerational living as their new norm.

Go home, stay home

There are several reasons why this trend is continuing to grow around the globe. Gone are the days where many couples were married in their early 20s. People are starting slower and those in their 20s are more likely to stay at home with their parents. Throw in a financial crisis (or two), a housing shortage, and now COVID, and the incentives for the younger generation to remain at home really begin to stack up.

The average age for children to fly the nest is now around 27-years-old. In other parts of the world this figure is higher. For some parents this is a nightmare, for others however, the ability to know where their children are, and to have them close, is enough to convince them of the benefits.

Ever-aging population

We are living longer! In 1980 the United Nations predicted that the increase in life expectancy would begin to plateau. This hasn’t happened. Instead, we continue to live long lives, thriving thanks to better health regimes, a greater awareness of our bodies and better healthcare.

In 1970 the median age in New Zealand was 25.6-years-old. Throw in a few Baby Boomers and that number skyrocketed to 37.1 in 2016 and is likely to continue to rise. It is expected that New Zealand’s 65-plus population will expand from 2019’s 746,500 figure, to 1,340,000 by 2028, around 21 per cent of the total population.

The dependency on aged-care facilities in New Zealand will also likely grow unless an alternative solution is used. Step in, multigenerational living!

More space at your place

While it makes sense on multiple levels, our homes often aren’t set up to accommodate this way of living. At RoomMate Cabins we’ve looked into multigenerational living, what makes it so appealing and looked at ways to assist families across New Zealand to realise their goals of togetherness.

A RoomMate cabin provides the perfect solution to your increasing accommodation requirements. Our portable cabin system is a great option if you’re looking for an extra room at your house. If you have recently converted your home office into a bedroom and require a dedicated office, or if you simply need an extra bedroom, a RoomMate cabin is for you.

Our suppliers would love to help you create more space at your place. They’re full of useful advice and are happy to just have a chat and discuss whether renting a cabin is a good option for you.

For a cabin to fit your requirements, give us a call on 0800 111 344 to speak to your local supplier.