5 ways to turn your Roommate Cabin into a productive home office

woman working in cabin

Mar 21, 2023

The abbreviation WFH has become a common term used to describe those who are working from home. As this has become a very popular use for our cabins, we thought we’d provide some tips on how you can make your space as conducive to productivity as possible! 

Check your internet connection 

Checking your internet speed and connection strength is essential no matter where your cabin is located. If your Wi-Fi connection in your cabin could be better, then consider an expander. These can be connected to your home Wi-Fi solution to strengthen and improve the connection and require no installation. Being online is an essential part of working from home, making your Wi-Fi connection a top priority.  


Something else to remember when planning the layout of your home office is lighting. A well-lit workspace is a productive one. When choosing where to position your desk, consider where the windows are to reduce the impact of glare.  

Pay attention to storage  

Clutter is a huge source of distraction when working, especially in a small space. Investing in filing cabinets and other types of organisational furniture is a great way to keep things out of sight and out of mind. This will also keep your workspace feeling more spacious.  

Bring in some life  

Make the space your own by adding things that personally motivate you. Personal items such as photos can really keep your energy up and remind you what you’re working towards. You can also bring in your favourite colours through stationary, rugs or artwork.  

Add a plant  

Plants have been proven to have many benefits in office spaces, such as reducing stress, increasing productivity and purifying the air. They also provide a nice little break from the digital screen.  

These are just a few of the ways to make the most of the extra space at your place. It can be challenging to be productive when WFH, but it is definitely possible! 

If you or your family is thinking of adding a home office, then rent a cabin from us to get started.