How can I find a rental cabin near me?

Mar 7, 2023

Have you ever opened up your phone or computer, typed ‘Rental Cabins Near Me’ into Google, and got flustered with all the results?

With so many options for rental cabin providers in NZ, finding the right one online can be a challenge!

Here are some questions to ask when choosing the best rental cabin provider near you!

Are the cabins near me insulated?

Whether you’re looking for a rental cabin to use as an extra room, office, studio, or workshop, you want your cabin to be warm, dry and comfortable. It’s so important to choose a rental cabin that is insulated to residential standards. This will help keep you cool in summer, and warm and cosy in winter. RoomMate cabins are fully insulated to a residential standard, with Batts in the walls and ceilings, and underfloor insulation. They’re also fitted with good quality carpets and curtains, keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Can they deliver the rental cabin to my location?

Make sure the cabin provider can actually deliver to your location! Some rental cabins are on wheels, which can make site access a challenge, especially if your location isn’t accessible via driveway. RoomMate cabins are delivered on a custom-built tipping trailer. If we can get our trailer to your site, we can deliver your cabin. This means we can get your cabin into tight and tricky places that other operators cannot. If your site isn’t accessible via a driveway, we can arrange for a truck crane to lift the cabin into place. And with 24 locations around New Zealand, chances are we have a rental cabin near you!

What is the minimum rental period and deposit on rental cabins near me?

Before signing up to anything online, it pays to check the fine print. Make sure you find out the minimum rental period and how much deposit you need to pay before choosing your rental cabin.

Minimum rental period: This is the shortest length of time you need to rent the cabin for. This can vary among rental cabin providers, so it pays to find out what the minimum rental period is, so you aren’t locked into a contract for longer than you need.

Deposit: Most cabin providers require a deposit before delivering your cabin. Make sure you find out how much deposit is required, and the conditions related to the deposit.

At RoomMate Cabins we have a minimum rental period of 6 months. The bond varies depending on your location but is generally around $200 – $300. The bond is returned to you after your cabin is collected and we’ve checked it’s in the same condition as when it arrived.

What size are the rental cabins near me?

The last thing you want is for your cabin to arrive, only to find it’s not big enough for your needs, or too big for your site! Make sure you find out the size of the cabin, and map it out with a tape measure to make sure it’s the right size for your location and your requirements. RoomMate Cabins come in a range of sizes: Small (3.6m x 2.4m), large (4.x2m x 2.4m) and in some locations, extra-large (2.6m x 4.8m). Check out some ideas for making the most of your cabin space.

Is the rental cabin company near me reputable?

With new rental cabin companies popping up all the time, it’s important to choose a company with great experience and a solid reputation.

·         Browse through their website’s About page to find out how long the company has been around for.

·         Check out their Facebook page and Google Business Listing to read ratings and reviews.

·         Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

RoomMate Cabins has nearly 20 years’ experience and was the first New Zealand business to specialise in the construction and lease of cabins for the residential market.

We operate all around the country, with 24 locations from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South. You know you’re going to receive a top quality cabin, from a top quality team!

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