When one isn’t enough: Renting multiple portable cabins

Portable Cabins to hire

Feb 23, 2024

At RoomMate Cabins, we see our portable rental cabins used for a range of reasons. For some clients, a rental cabin provides extra room at their place, or a temporary place to live. For others, a rental cabin is transformed into a work-from-home office, an art studio, or a place to retreat and relax.

And sometimes, one cabin simply isn’t enough! Around the country, our clients rent multiple cabins for a range of purposes. We share some examples below!

1. Accommodation for seasonal workers

New Zealand has a growing demand for seasonal workers. Places like orchards, farms and forests rely on seasonal workers to help them through their busy periods.

Rental cabins provide an affordable and flexible accommodation solution for seasonal workers.

Our clients at Kaipaki Berry Farm in the Waikato and Apata in the Bay of Plenty use RoomMate Cabins to provide affordable and comfortable on-site accommodation for their seasonal workers.

2. Accommodation for extra staff over summer

Summer in New Zealand is the busiest time for tourist hotspots, beach towns and campgrounds. Populations boom and additional staff are often required – and they all need a place to stay.

RoomMate cabins have a range of sizes to suit your temporary accommodation needs. We can deliver almost anywhere in New Zealand, even tight and tricky locations!

3. Temporary offices and storage

Is your team outgrowing the building you work in? Or do you need temporary offices for a work site?

RoomMate Cabins offer a flexible and cost-effective solution when you need temporary offices, breakrooms, or storage rooms for your team or site.

Our cabins can generally be delivered within days, so you can keep your business moving.

4. More space for teenagers

With house prices on the rise, upsizing or upgrading houses is out of reach for many families. Instead, a growing number of families are turning to RoomMate Cabins to create extra space as their families expand or young kids grow into teenagers.

RoomMate Cabins are a win-win for many families, giving teenagers their own personal space, and creating more space in the house for everyone else.

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