Top reasons to rent a cabin in NZ

Aug 29, 2023

Increasing living costs are hitting Kiwis hard, and people are looking for smarter and more affordable ways to achieve their goals.

Every day, we meet Kiwi families who choose to rent a cabin for a wide range of reasons. Whether it’s temporary accommodation, extra room for the family, or a place to work from home, families are looking for a simple, fast, and affordable solution.

Renting a cabin is a simple and affordable way to create more space at your place. RoomMate Cabins can generally be delivered to your place and be ready to use within days. Our rental cabins are fully insulated and have quality carpets and curtains, which means they’re naturally warm and dry, and efficient to heat.

Here are some of the top reasons why people choose to rent a cabin in NZ.

Rent a cabin for… more space for whānau

Now more than ever, family and whānau are choosing to live together for longer, to help save money and look after one another. Living with the fam can be loads of fun – but it’s good to have enough space for everyone.

Renting a cabin is a simple way to create an extra bedroom, living area, or space for kids and teenagers to use. Think of it as an extension of your home – without the costs of a massive renovation project!

And best of all, you can rent a cabin on a temporary basis. If your family situation changes and you no longer need the space, you can say goodbye to your cabin (after the 6-month minimum rental period).

Rent a cabin for… a work-from-home office

Working from home is becoming the new norm for many – and we can see why! Working from home saves on commute time and transport costs, and can help you achieve a better work-life balance.

However, to work effectively from home, it’s important to have a quiet, comfortable, and functional space to use as your home office.

More and more people are choosing to rent a cabin to serve as a dedicated work-from-home space. Our standard and large cabins are the ideal size for a desk, small table and chairs, shelves, and everything you need to work comfortably from home.

Or you can add a bed to create a multi-use space that serves as a home office and a spare bedroom for guests or teenagers.

Rent a cabin for… extra storage space

People love to collect ‘stuff’, and our ‘stuff’ collection tends to grow as our families grow.

Renting a cabin is a simple and affordable alternative to hiring an off-site storage unit. Rent a cabin to store your extra sports gear, furniture, paperwork, business equipment, or hobby paraphernalia.

With a rental cabin in your own backyard, you can access your stuff whenever you need it – saving on time and transport costs.

Rental cabins from RoomMate are warm, dry, and fully lockable, to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Rent a cabin for… temporary accommodation

It’s no secret that finding accommodation in Auckland and the rest of NZ is a challenge. Every day we meet families around NZ who need temporary accommodation for a variety of reasons.

If you need a roof over your head quickly, we have rental cabins available now across NZ. And best of all, we can deliver them to your place quickly and easily.

RoomMate Cabins rental cabins are warm, dry, modern, and available in 3 sizes. Our cabins are insulated for comfort and fitted with good-quality carpet and curtains, to make them feel like home.

Rent a cabin FAQs

Can I rent a cabin at a rental property in NZ?

If you are in a rental property you will need to inform your landlord or the property management company of your plan to rent a cabin, and get their approval.

If you plan to use the cabin as a bedroom, you’ll need to check your tenancy agreement to make sure you are still within the number of tenants specified in your tenancy agreement.

How long can I rent a cabin for?

Most of our suppliers have a 6 month minimum rental period, and beyond that you can rent a cabin for as long as you need!

Do I need to pay for delivery when I rent a cabin?

Yes, RoomMate cabins have a delivery fee. This fee varies from region to region and covers a site visit (if required), delivery, placement, and collection of your cabin. Visit our Rent a Cabin page to see delivery rates in your area.

Can WINZ help me rent a cabin?

Yes! If you are entitled to a WINZ accommodation supplement, you can use this to rent a WINZ approved cabin from RoomMate Cabins.

How do I rent a cabin?

Simply enter your address here and head to your local team’s page.