Tips for a Comfortable NZ Summer in your Rental Cabin

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Nov 15, 2023

Looking to rent a cabin this summer? Summer in your cabin can be a unique experience! With a rental cabin, you can effortlessly combine the charm of a cosy cabin with the joys of the sun, relaxation, and a dash of Christmas magic.

As the days and nights get warmer, how do you keep your cabin cool and comfortable, while making the most of the season? In this blog, we share some tips to ensure your New Zealand summer in a rental cabin is nothing short of amazing.

Let the breeze in

Maximise airflow and coolness by opening windows on opposite sides of your rental cabin. This cross-ventilation technique allows fresh air to circulate, keeping your cabin cool and comfortable.

Close your curtains

Did you know that up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows? If your rental cabin windows get direct sun, shut the curtains to prevent the heat from the sun warming the air inside the cabin.

Face your fan the right way

In summer, the cooling effect from a fan on your skin can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler!  However, to be effective, make sure your fan is pointing towards the window. That way, it will blow the hot air in the room out and let the cooler air from outside in. It pays to have another window open if possible, to allow for cross-ventilation.

Consider solar-powered fans

Consider using solar-powered fans or portable air coolers to keep the cabin cool without increasing your energy bills. These eco-friendly options are perfect for our warm New Zealand summers.

Switch to summer bedding

A good night’s sleep can be hard to get on a hot summer’s night. However, by simply changing your bedding to lighter weight options, you can make it a little bit easier to get all the sleep you need.

If you are using winter weight duvets and sheets, consider changing to lighter options for summer. Look for cotton and bamboo options, as these materials are more breathable and comfy in the heat.

Create an outdoor oasis

Make the most of the warm weather by setting up an outdoor area next to your rental cabin. Add some comfortable furniture, an umbrella for shade, and a BBQ for outdoor dining.

Plant a summer garden

Create a garden outside your rental cabin with potted plants and vegetables. Growing your own vegetables not only adds charm to your rental cabin, but also provides you with fresh ingredients for your summer salads.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. By drinking enough water and using sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, you’ll find the summer heat a little bit easier to manage.

Rent a cabin for the ultimate summer!

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