How to decorate your cabin and make it your home!

alovera indoor plant

Jun 20, 2019

We see so many excited people when we deliver their cabin to them. Having their own space can be life-changing. We’ve put a few ideas together to show how you can make your cabin your own space – your home!

Firstly, what kind of things do you like to have around you? What things bring you joy?

Maybe it’s books, magazines, plants, pictures, photos, lots of colour or a neutral colour palette. The important thing about your space is that it is just that – your space. So, do what works for you.

Secondly, what do you need in this space?

A bed? A desk for working or studying at? A couch? A small table? Because this is your cabin, make sure you put in the cabin what works for you.

In the meantime, here are some ideas to help you make your cabin your own special space!

Plants – plants are a great way to soften a room, as well as being good for the air quality. Plants are natures relaxation tool. If you don’t have green fingers, there are great options for very natural looking plants that aren’t real. Or plants like cactus are fairly robust when water is lacking (speaking from experience here!)

Photos and Art – surround yourself with pictures that make you happy. These might remind you of fun times, family and friends or be inspirational. They really add your personality to your cabin.

Furniture – if this is your bedroom then a bed will be essential. Your bed could have legs which allow storage boxes and bags to be easily stored underneath. Just be mindful to put the things you use often in the front for easy access. Perhaps you could put out of season clothing at the back – this reduces the amount of clothing you are dealing with every day.

Another bed option is one with built-in drawers. And yet another option is to make it a foldable couch or futon to give you more space in the day.

Other furniture can be used for multiple purposes. A small ottoman with storage space can be used for magazines, electronic equipment or any bits and pieces you want to store. It’s also a chair, a footstool, or a bedside or display table. There are some really cool foldable chairs for when you have visitors. These can slide easily under the bed, or just rest against the door. On a nice day you can take these chairs outside and enjoy the fresh air. Our cabins do indoor/outdoor flow very well!!

With any furniture or décor items you want in your cabin you don’t need to go for expensive options. I was recently in our local op shop and they had some amazing things like throws, cushions, chairs, vases, bookshelves and loads of other stuff. Some things might need a lick of paint or a bit of an alteration – but for the price they are well worth checking out.

A small bookshelf could be used to display books and magazines but can also hold a cute box containing everyday things like your jewellery, toiletries, money or anything you choose. Not everything has to be hidden away.

Throws and cushions – these are a great way to add colour and personality to your cabin. Throws can be used as an extra layer while sleeping or sitting outside. The great thing with throws and cushions is that these can be easily changed for a different look.

Use the walls to decorate your cabin – while it might be the obvious place to hang pictures (we prefer you use 3M removable hooks or BluTack that don’t mark the walls) – the walls can hang other things too.

Small display shelves look gorgeous. 3M removable hooks can be used to hang scarves or jewellery that can make your space look pretty as well as giving you easy access to your things. Crystals can hang over the windows and there are some cute plant holders that attach to walls.

All of these things can make a cabin feel homely. You’ll love arriving home to your cabin as it’s your own special space or retreat.

Happy decorating!

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