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Rent a Cabin - Auckland

RoomMate Cabins are one of the largest suppliers of portable cabins for hire in New Zealand. We aren't just cabins though, we take pride in our service to customers and our ability to deliver cabins to almost any location in Auckland.

Our branches in Auckland:

  • North Shore & Rodney
  • Central & West Auckland
  • East Auckland
  • South Auckland

Contact us to rent a cabin in Auckland

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“Thanks so much for your great service!! ...Your delivery team were so lovely, it has been a breeze dealing with you guys. We just love the cabin, it’s finished off so nicely. We would recommend RoomMate Cabins to anyone”  Tania, Auckland

Standard Size Cabins for Auckland

Large Size Cabins for Auckland

Our rental cabins are designed to easily fit into a residential area and all RoomMate cabins have the following features:

  • Full head height
  • Outside deck with overhang roof to protect from rain
  • Full insulation to a residential standard
  • Power lead
  • Large windows
  • Two double power points
  • Carpet
  • Low to the ground, easy to access without a big step up
  • Smoke alarm
  • Curtain tracks
  • Electrical warrant of fitness