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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. This includes bringing the cabin to your property, placing it on site, leveling it and removing it when it is no longer required. The delivery fee is an all-inclusive charge that may vary according to region. Some operators occasionally offer specials on delivery so visit the Rent a Cabin page for the RoomMate Cabins operator in your area.

How do we connect to power?

RoomMate Cabins are built with an outdoor power socket connected to the cabin. We supply you with a lead that has a matching outdoor connection at one end and an RCD safety switch at the other. This RCD plugs into any ordinary 3 pin power socket in your house or garage.

Are the cabins insulated?

Absolutely! Cabins are insulated to a residential standard, with Batts in the walls and ceilings plus foil insulation underneath. They are warm and cosy.

What can I fit in the cabin?

RoomMate Cabins will comfortably hold a Queen size bed with a couple of pieces of furniture. Have a look at our Floor Plans for more ideas about what you can fit in a cabin.

What if there is no access to the site?

If we cannot get our trailer to a site we can often arrange for a Hiab (truck crane) to lift the cabin into place.  This adds to the cost of delivery, but if you need the cabin for a reasonable period of time then the extra cost gets spread out over time.

How do you deliver my cabin?

RoomMate Cabins are delivered on a custom built tipping trailer. As long as we can get our trailer to your site, we can deliver your cabin.

An advantage of RoomMate Cabins is that they are built on skids attached to a steel base, not on wheels. While this eliminates the need for a big step to get into the cabin and provides a more stable platform, it also means the cabins are more maneuverable.

The cabins can be rotated and moved about on steel poles. This means that RoomMate Cabin operators can get your cabin into tight and tricky places that other operators can’t.

Do we need a permit?

No. RoomMate Cabins are under 10sqm, are transportable and have no water connections, so they do not need a permit. They are subject to the usual height-to-boundary rules, but this shouldn’t restrict you from being able to get a cabin. Your local RoomMate  operator will be able to advise you.