What can fit in a RoomMate Cabin?

Jun 18, 2024

At RoomMate Cabins, we know every customer needs something different. That’s why our portable cabins are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to use the space in a way that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to add more storage, a home office, or even a music studio, our cabins are the perfect solution. Here are five popular layouts that may inspire you:

1. Teen Room

Transform your RoomMate Cabin into the perfect escape for your teenagers. A teen room layout could include two single beds to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for two siblings. Add a wardrobe for clothing or personal items, and a desk to create a dedicated homework, gaming or study space, your teen will have everything they need. Add personal touches like posters, string lights, or personal items to make the space their own. This is a great option for families with teens who want a little extra space and independence, while still living at home.

2. Adult Bedroom with Queen Bed

Create a cosy bedroom in your RoomMate Cabin with a queen bed for a restful night’s sleep for one or two. Complement the bed with nightstands to keep essentials within reach and a dresser for extra storage. Personal touches like your favourite art or a photo board helps you personalise the space and truly make it your own. A great, comfortable option that provides privacy, ideal for couples looking to rent a room in Auckland or across New Zealand – while staying in close proximity to the rest of your household.

3. Home Office

Boost your productivity by converting your RoomMate Cabin into a dedicated home office or business space so you can work from home in peace. Create your ideal office desk and chair set up, add bookshelves for files and supplies, and lighting set ups to help you stay focused. Plants can bring a nice touch of nature indoors, providing a calm feel to your workspace to reduce stress. Take your work calls without the hassle of interruptions, this setup is ideal for those seeking a workspace rental cabin option in NZ at home.

4. Office for two people

Share your workspace without compromising on comfort by setting up your RoomMate Cabin for two people. With room for two desks to work collaboratively and productively, add filing cabinets and shelves to keep everything organised, and shared amenities such as a coffee station or mini-fridge for convenience. Use removable hooks to add character without causing damage or you could even add multi-functional furniture to maximise the use of space. Whether you need cabins for hire in NZ or cabins for rent in Auckland, this is a great way to create an efficient co-working space.

5. Music Studio

Convert your RoomMate Cabin into a professional-grade music studio by using removable hooks to soundproof and minimise outside noise, while creating an optimal environment for acoustics. Add your recording equipment, laptop and desk, with ample space for instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drums. Store your music sheets, cables and other accessories in shelving units and comfortable seating for longer recording sessions. A great layout solution for musicians looking for cabins to rent in Auckland or portable cabins in NZ!

Explore the Possibilities with RoomMate Cabins

Whether you need an extra room, a home office or co-working space, a music studio, art studio, playroom, or just a bit of extra space… our cabins are the perfect space solution. For more information on renting a cabin in Auckland or across NZ, get in touch.

Create the perfect layout and transform your space with RoomMate Cabins.