Using a cabin as your dedicated study zone

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Nov 7, 2019

Having your own study space is crucial for learning. To study you need:

Peace and quiet.
Less interruptions.
To create your own study zone – like listening to your own music that then doesn’t bother others.
But you also sometimes need just a bit more space than your bedroom or your kitchen table!

Just as a work-from-home business needs a dedicated workspace, so too does someone studying at home.

A space to escape to.
A cabin provides that specific space that you have zoned for study and learning.

Removing yourself from distractions and out into your cabin means that you get yourself in the headspace of “I’m going to study”.

And we all know what those distractions are! All of a sudden the house needs cleaning, the fridge and cupboards are a constant source of snacking, your flatmates or family are having a great time…it’s just so easy to avoid doing the study you need to do.

Create your own study space.
Designing and decorating your cabin is full of possibilities. But what’s most important is that it is YOUR SPACE!

You can have the storage you want, the desk or seating style you wish, and your educational material at your fingertips.

Fill your cabin with everything you need to make your study space your own.

  • A beanbag
  • Music
  • Essential oils
  • A bookshelf
  • A fridge and coffee station
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Stationery
  • Your computer and other gadgets
  • A heater

A cabin for home-schooling!
Home-schooling is gaining popularity worldwide for a number of reasons. Whether is be distance from schools, different learning needs or learning styles – a cabin for home-schooling is a great option.

Home-schooling goes beyond the walls of home. In fact, there are learning opportunities and those precious teachable moments are everywhere. But it’s also valuable to have a dedicated learning space for older students.

Setting aside a special space, gives the brain a message that this is a study zone, and we need to knuckle-down and get the work done.

And a dedicated space for the home-school allows everything to kept tidily in one place.

“But I only need a cabin from March to November.”
At RoomMate Cabins we have a minimum hire period of six months.

This is perfect for students who don’t need the cabin over the summer months or for home-schooling families that go away for extended periods. Once you’re finished with the cabin, you simply call up your local RoomMate Cabin operator and give two weeks notice that you don’t need the cabin anymore.

And the great thing…when you come back home you can rent a cabin all over again!

Is a cabin a possible study space for you?
If you think a cabin might be a good option for you, give your local RoomMate Cabin operator a call on 0800 111 344. They’ll be able to talk through the options they have available for you.

They’re only a phone-call away to answer your questions.

Think about it!