Tips for parents with children at home

Toddler at rental cabin

Jul 1, 2021

Recent events have seen a rise in the work-from-home parent, as well as reinforcing the importance of the stay-at-home parent.

While there are many pros to having children at home it can be difficult to stop your home from being overrun with books, toys, and food in the juggle between home and childcare facility and playground.

But there are some tips and tricks that can help you stay independent with children at home. Read on to find out how!

Work / life / family balance

If you have children at home the work / life/ family balance can be a difficult one.

As far as possible, try not to multi-task. Constantly splitting your attention between work and looking after your kids at the same time will leave you frustrated, the kids frustrated – and nobody will feel like their cup is full.

Most of the time, kids will get off your case if you give them a clear indication of when you can be completely available to spend time with them – and then stick to it. It’s about ensuring this time is regular and predictable, so they know they can count on it happening.

Working from home

Working from home means more time spent with the family, including meals with the kids and other leisure activities.

Portable cabins are a cost-effective and convenient solution to take the stress out of running your business at home and they can create a physical space between parent and business mogul.

Our portable cabins allow you to set up a productive space to work-from-home – giving you separation from your home (and kids) to support a positive work-life balance.

With more employers offering flexible work options to suit working parents, RoomMate Cabins provides a practical solution to make working from home happen.

Learning from home

Did you know that learning to read, write and do maths starts at birth?

Many of the everyday activities you do with your children help make connections in their brain and get them ready for literacy and numeracy.

Babies, toddlers and young children learn through play. You are your child’s first and most important teacher and you help your child’s brain grow through play and early learning.

There are many different ways you can help your child develop a love for reading, writing and mathematics in their early years – talking, reading, playing, singing, counting games.

Creating a physical space for them to associate these learning skills can be achieved with a RoomMate Cabin. It could even lead to a secondary income.

Income opportunity

Renting a portable cabin is a great way to start a home-based education or childcare service.

Home environments provide learning opportunities and experiences in contexts that are different from centres. The daily occurrences and materials that are already part of the home environment (such as cooking, shopping, gardening) provide rich learning opportunities for children.

There are some detailed requirements to be met in order to provide home-based education and care services available from The Ministry of Education. A RoomMate Cabin also provides the perfect extra space to run a tutoring business from home.

Having a cabin as your base means that you have flexibility with your work hours, your family and your lifestyle.

The RoomMate Cabins solution

An easy solution to creating space for your children (or away from them!) at home is to rent a cabin from RoomMate Cabins. Our portable cabins can be delivered to your door, allowing you to quickly settle into a space of your own.

A RoomMate cabin will provide you with space to maximise your interactions with your kids, while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of living or working at home.

If you’re looking for the versatility our portable cabins provide, make sure you contact your nearest RoomMate Cabins supplier today.

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