Tips for getting through lockdown

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Aug 24, 2021

New Zealand has had several Covid-19 alert level changes since 2020, but the latest is only the second Alert Level 4 lockdown.

A return to lockdown means a return to juggling life at home for some people, balancing work, kids, and entertainment in once place. And while we’ve done it before, here are some tips to ease the pressure during the lockdown.

Focus on today

Be present. Whether it be with your kids and loved ones, work, or yourself. Resist the temptation to think too far ahead where we can’t control that. It’s also easy to feel guilty and judge yourself against what other families are doing. Set fair and reasonable expectations.

Sort your routine

Something we crave as humans is routine, which is often lost when shifting to lockdown. A timetable for each day, placed where the whole family can see it, can help keep work and schooling on track. Keep to routines and resist the lure of the mobile phone or device.

Know your rhythm

We are only productive for about four hours a day. That productive time should ideally be spent not just on work, but also on family and yourself. If you are tempted to keep working, or find yourself constantly looking for news about Covid, ask yourself what your priority is at that point in the day and focus on that.

Be prepared

The keys to performing well in any environment are planning, preparation and practice. We’ve had a few lockdowns of various levels, so we know what to do. We need to have a plan and make sure we’re really well prepped, whether that be for your work, learning for the kids, or dinner plans.

Get in the work zone

If you don’t have a portable cabin and you’re working from home, create a virtual commute. It could be going for a walk in the neighbourhood and making some work calls or just enjoying the scenery, to transition yourself into work, with a similar routine after work.

RoomMate Cabins

Many workplaces have become more flexible because of Covid-19, but every workplace is different.

If you are enjoying your work from home experience and want to continue after this situation concludes, why not rent a cabin from RoomMate Cabins?

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