The Great Spring Clean

rental cabin in a lawn

Aug 18, 2021

We are still in the grips of winter, but that doesn’t stop our minds thinking ahead to longer days and warmer weather in Spring.

Ah Spring, lambs and calves being birthed, Daffodils blooming, leaves back on tress, and of course, the annual Spring Clean!

So, how can a RoomMate Cabin help with your Spring Clean?

The benefits of a spring clean

Spring cleaning is a time-honoured way to banish winter blues and give your home a revamp. Some may receive as much psychological benefit from spring cleaning as your home reaps aesthetically.

Before you begin, ensure you have a plan to ensure the mess doesn’t simply move from inside to outside. Focus your attention on one room or area at a time, de-cluttering and tidying before giving it a thorough clean from top to bottom.

A RoomMate Cabin

Once you start de-cluttering you may start to have realisations that you don’t want to get rid of some of those items from your life, just from inside your house. Why not create a space to enjoy them?

That’s where a RoomMate Cabin comes in!

Study space

Sick of swotting at the dining room table? Or the students in your home getting distracted by the trappings of the modern home.

A portable cabin provides that specific space that you have zoned for study and learning. Having your own study space is crucial for learning. Removing yourself from distractions and out into your cabin means that you get yourself in the headspace of “I’m going to study”.

Home Office

Working from home and flexible hours is not a short-term trend. More flexible working conditions are now generally accepted in working culture.

Create a work zone that mimics the office in a portable cabin, with the computer set at the right height to prevent injuries, and with everything you need to do your job at hand, so you don’t need to leave your workspace – stationery, phone, reference books, and printer among others.


Renting a portable cabin is a great way to start a home-based service business such as beauty therapy or massage. Having a cabin as your base means that you have flexibility with your work hours, your family, and your lifestyle.

Many of our cabin customers started their business using a room in their house which then starts to spread into other areas of the home. A cabin means you have a dedicated private space away from the home. No more clients walking through your home, which is great for you and your family.

Hobby space

We all need a creative outlet, so why not create a dedicated hobby space in one of our portable cabins.

Whether it’s an art studio, a personal library and reading nook, gaming room, or man cave / sports lounge – we have the solution for you.

RoomMate Cabins

Whatever your spring cleaning needs, a RoomMate cabin can provide you with space to make the most of the change of season to clear the clutter from your home and mind.

If you’re looking for the freedom our portable cabins provide, give us a call on 0800 111 344 or contact your nearest RoomMate Cabins supplier today.