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Terms and Conditions

I authorise RoomMate Cabins to check my credit rating.

I am aware that prior to delivery being made I will be required to sign a hire contract, a summary of which is printed below.

I am aware that the initial lease payment and delivery fee, less the deposit (if any), is payable prior to delivery.

I am aware that payments must be made by automatic bank transfer and that I will activate regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) payments

Applications will only be considered on receipt of this completed online application form at

RoomMate Cabins retains the right to decline any application without giving a reason for doing so.

​Summary of Lease Contract

Note: This is a summary of the lease contract that must be signed at the time of delivery.

RoomMate Cabins is not responsible for any damage incurred delivering or uplifting a cabin.

RoomMate Cabins has the right to cancel the lease contract and to remove the cabin.

If required, the cost of obtaining Resource Consent for the use of a cabin is the responsibility of the hirer (contact your local franchisee for more information).

The hirer cannot make any structural or decorative changes to the cabin and it must be in a good, clean condition at the end of the hire period.

There is a penalty payable if the hirer terminates the lease contract before the end of the six-month minimum hire period.

At or upon the expiry of the lease contract the hirer must give two weeks notice to RoomMate Cabins to collect the cabin.