Summer is on the way

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Sep 28, 2021

Daylight saving traditionally marks the start of the countdown to Summer. The days get longer, and the weather gets warmer.

Summer brings with it plenty of opportunities, so why not create a space to enhance them? That’s where a RoomMate Cabin comes in!

Space for holiday visitors

Let’s face it the last few months have been tough, with families and friends kept apart by Alert Level changes. Research has proven that having connections with friends and family is crucial to a long, happy and healthy life. Prepare for the holiday season by adding a guest space to your property to provide the opportunity for loved ones to stay but keep their independence.

Family first

We frequently get requests for cabins when siblings, children, or relatives have lost their jobs. It’s a hard-enough thing to lose your job, but then there are the difficulties associated with keeping afloat. Often moving home to family is the best solution. Not only for financial reasons but for emotional and psychological support.

Enhance your outdoor entertaining area

It doesn’t have to be expensive to set up your outdoor space to maximise the lazy, hazy summer days or longer nights. It just needs a wee bit of imagination. Some people will add an inflatable pool to their backyard, so why not a pool room? Use it as a changing room, or a place to store towels, pool toys or anything else.

Rental accommodation

Holiday hotspots are going to fill up. If you have a property in a sought-after area there may be an income opportunity to add further value to your property during those high-demand summer months. Take charge of the space outside your cabin and create a really special place for your paying guests to enjoy their getaway.

Returning uni students

The space still affords them the freedom to come and go that they have enjoyed away at university as well as privacy and independence. A RoomMate cabin will provide you with a completely private space for your young adult to call their own, while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of living at home with family.


Most of New Zealand shuts down between Christmas and New Year, but there are still those who need to work through. Rather than returning home from your holiday why not bring the office to your holiday home and set up your portable cabin, allowing you to create a work zone that mimics the office in your summer location.

RoomMate Cabins

Whatever your summer needs, a RoomMate cabin can provide you with space to make the most of the change of season to clear the clutter from your home and mind.

If you’re looking for the freedom our portable cabins provide, give us a call on 0800 111 344 or contact your nearest RoomMate Cabins supplier today.