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Mar 2, 2021

In late 2020 the New Zealand Government announced it will allow 2,000 horticultural workers from the Pacific, under the Registered Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme, to enter New Zealand in the first significant opening of the border to foreign workers since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Workers from various Pacific Island nations are allowed into the country between January and March 2021 to help plug labour shortages in the horticultural and wine sectors.

These workers, plus those who have had their current visas extended, are expected to be moved around regions to employers with the greatest need, to meet requirements that have not been otherwise filled. This means they will need a place to stay while on site.

A portable solution

Proactive RSE employers should be planning to provide accommodation for their RSE workers as soon as possible to capitalise on the new arrivals.

To regulate the increase in RSE workers, new conditions have been added to protect workers, to ensure everyone gets the pay they are entitled to and provided with healthy accommodation to live in.

In previous years, the Government encouraged employers not to use housing for their RSE workers that would normally be available to local residents. This has resulted in a rise in dedicated RSE accommodation in purpose-built complexes with portable cabins.

How can RoomMate Cabins help?

At RoomMate Cabins we are up to date with compliance and our cabins meet these RSE worker accommodation requirements. Our cabins are NZ Building Code Compliant and offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

The portable cabins used for seasonal worker accommodation are constructed to the highest standard to ensure a comfortable space with ample natural light and ventilation.

Our portable cabins are unique and include underfloor insulation as well as insulated walls and ceilings as standard.

Warm and dry portable cabins

With RSE workers coming to an unfamiliar climate insulation is important, especially through winter. RoomMate Cabins are insulated to a residential standard, with Batts in the walls and ceilings plus insulation underneath. They are warm, dry, and cosy.

Personal space is also important. RoomMate Cabins will comfortably house a queen size bed with a couple of pieces of furniture for single occupancy. Have a look at our floor plans on our Cabin Inspiration page for more ideas about our layout options that can be adjusted to be fit any purpose. There are a lot of things you can fit in a RoomMate Cabin.

Please be aware that cabins used for commercial purposes require consent.

People first

Our top-quality products and a high standard of service set us apart from the competition, and our portable cabins are a flexible and affordable solution to your space requirements.

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