People, people everywhere, but not a place to stay

portable cabins interior

Dec 11, 2020

New Zealand’s population is growing at a rapid rate. In March 2020, the number of New Zealand residents provisionally toppled the five million mark and there is nothing that points toward this slowing down any time soon.

Making matters worse, more than 50,000 Kiwis have already returned home from abroad since COVID struck. For many, this was a sudden decision that has meant permanent relocation resulting in households across the country having to accommodate their returning children, friends, and relatives at short notice.

Housing shortages across the board are making for an increasingly competitive market, with many missing out on the opportunity to own their own homes and subsequently extending their stays with family as their best chance of saving a deposit and intergenerational living becoming a new norm.

At RoomMate Cabins, we have already seen the effects. Customers throughout New Zealand are on the lookout for alternative options to meet their accommodation requirements. Lucky for them, our cabins provide the perfect portable solution.

The portable solution

Because our RoomMate Cabins are portable, renting a cabin doesn’t have to be a permanent or life-long decision. We have been supplying cabins to New Zealanders looking for a portable solution to their space requirements since 2002 and our nationwide teams are experts when it comes to the delivery, installation and pickup of our cabins.

The advantage of a RoomMate cabin is in its design. They are created to be portable, meaning relocation and delivery is a breeze. Built on skids attached to a steel base, they are transported to your site via our custom-built tipping trailers or a hiab, if required.

Designed to suit your needs

We know that no two situations are the same and so at RoomMate Cabins, we have created cabin options that will cater to all needs. Available in two sizes (standard and large), we have a range of design layouts on our website that showcase what your floor space can be used for.

From a kid’s bedroom or playroom, office space, or multi-bed accommodation, our cabins provide ample floor area to create more space at your place.

Wherever you need

With local RoomMate Cabins suppliers throughout the country, we’re here to help. Whatever your cabin needs, whether it’s to house your extended family, friends or loved ones, or just to get a little extra space at your place, our cabins are adaptable to suit.

For a cabin to fit your requirements, give us a call on 0800 111 344 to speak to your local supplier.