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Read about how local families throughout New Zealand have used RoomMate Cabins to solve their space requirements.


"Thank you for getting the cabin onto our site yesterday. We are really happy with it and so are the kids. Thank you for making it a very smooth and worry free process. "

Jos, Wellington


"We are using the cabin as a sleepout for our nearly 17 year old son, lovely for him to have a room that gives him the space most teenagers desperately need!  

It gives us peace of mind that he is not out in the scary big wide world fending for himself, and we are hopeful that this will mean he stays at home much longer than most! (He doesn’t need to run away to get his own space.)

Having thoroughly researched available options and varying companies in the marketplace, we decided that RoomMate were superior in many ways and of course in today’s economic climate – value for money services are coveted!I have recommended RoomMate Cabins to basically everyone we have discussed Braden’s new room with – everybody has been gobsmacked at what a simple, cost effective solution this has been.

The service we have received when back in NZ has been excellent.  Delivery for me was painless, although given the horrendous weather on the day and the tight access for the sleepout I am sure Andrew has a different memory of the delivery.Keep up the fantastic work and service guys!"



Bob and Jenny are about 27 years old and and lived in a two bedroom flat that cost them $320pw. They were saving $150 a week to raise a deposit so they could buy their own home.

Jenny’s parents suggested they move in with them so they could save the deposit faster. Although Jenny’s parents had a spare bedroom in their house, Bob and Jenny decided to get a RoomMate Cabin so they had some privacy and a place to call their own. (Jenny’s parents appreciated a bit of privacy as well.)

By using a RoomMate Cabin for two years, Bob and Jenny were able to save almost $30,000 in addition to their existing savings, meaning they could afford a better home without having to borrow too much.


"Taking the plunge and giving up paid employment to start up a business has not always been easy. To cut down on operating costs, we decided to operate our business from a corner of the living room.

This was fine for a while, but we soon started to encroach on other parts of the house, mostly the dining room table.

It was a hassle trying to keep home and business things separate and we were constantly moving things around between using things for business and personal use. It was really difficult to separate personal and business time. The kids would want to watch TV after school and it was all too easy to just check a few emails and work on something in the evening.

We looked at using a serviced office, but they were quite expensive for what you got and while they solved the problems we were having, it meant we also had to lose the good things about working from home, like no commute time and more flexible hours if required.

Friends told us about Roommate Cabins and it seemed like a great alternative to a serviced office. It was only $55pw and although we had to pay GST on top of this, we could also claim this back and the $55 was totally tax deductible. It was a really cost effective solution.

Since getting our RoomMate Cabin life has been a lot easier and we are definitely more productive. It is so much easier to be organised. I don’t get in the way of the family and at the end of the day I lock my cabin door at finish for day. (Not always admittedly)"