Maximising space in a RoomMate Cabin

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Jul 1, 2021

The RoomMate Cabin: it’s one of the most versatile buildings you can find. Over the years, we have seen many creative ways to use a RoomMate Cabin.

Still, with all of the examples of use, you may have questions about how much you can fit in a RoomMate Cabin.

To help potential RoomMate Cabins users, here are some tips to maximise the space in your portable cabin to create extra space at you place, while others apply especially to the portable cabin life.

What are you working with?

Those who plan to rent a RoomMate Cabin will probably want as much space as possible, which is why our cabins come in various different sizes.

Our standard cabin which measures 3.6m x 2.4m can be used in a variety of ways, an extra bedroom, home office, or playroom.

At 4.2m x 2.4m the large cabin will provide ample extra space at your place, and is perfect as a double bedroom, larger office, rumpus room, music studio or work-from-home space.

Some of our suppliers also offer an extra-large cabin option, measuring 4.8m x 2.6m which is the perfect add on to any property.

There’s No One-Use-Fits-All

Regardless of the size of your portable cabin, if you haven’t been inside of one before you may picture them as small, cold and damp spaces.

Instead, you’ll find a warm, cosy space with plenty of additional features that are unique about a RoomMate Cabin.

Maximise wall space

Bookshelves, or even better, storage that goes from floor up to the ceiling will help with all that limited storage needs. Consider narrow shelves or bookcases that can store a lot without encroaching on the useable floor space of the portable cabin.

If you can keep it neutral in colour, especially if you have lots of books or ornaments, the ornaments themselves will add extra colour and character to your extra room without taking up heaps of space.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

It’s a trick interior designers swear by, and it works like a charm every time. By adding a mirror to a wall to create the illusion of double the space, but also the impression of double the furniture and accessories.

It may also be surprising that round mirrors create the best impact, they break up rectangular shapes created by the structure of the rooms themselves and soften the room by creating a feature that draws they eye.

Furniture that acts as storage

This can be a super way to have a practical piece of furniture like a small coffee table in your living space that has hidden compartments for your stuff.

By either choosing a bed that has drawers in the base or finding one that’s raised off the ground you’re finding a clever way to add some extra storage to a room that would otherwise be leaving those metres unused for most of the day.

Indoor Plants

Bringing nature indoors has a number of benefits, in fact, we rate them so highly we wrote a whole blog on how to use plants to enhance your cabin!

Plants purify the air and soften the interior space. A room can feel more ‘alive’ with only a few low-maintenance plants. This can be another way to add a little colour to a room and help make the space feel more open and create a sense of freshness in amongst the rest of the furniture.

Add a deck for indoor outdoor flow

Not all of your useable space has to be indoors. With all RoomMate Cabins featuring an outside deck with overhang roof to protect from rain, there is an opportunity to extend with some form of shelter to create additional space just outside your front door.

For added privacy consider adding a trellis with some form of climbing plant to create a natural screen between your property and another, if needed.

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