It’s time to start thinking about the cooler months ahead

hand touching rental cabin window

Apr 19, 2021

Keeping your family healthy starts to become top of mind now that we’re officially in autumn, and heading into winter.

Ensuring your portable cabin is kept warm and dry in New Zealand’s colder months is central to that idea – a RoomMate Cabin is a much nicer space to be in when it’s cosy!

Essentially to keep your cabin healthy: keep it warm and dry, and air it out.

Keep it warm and dry

All RoomMate Cabins are insulated to a residential standard. The Batts in the walls and ceilings, as well as underfloor insulation, ensure a safe, warm, dry and cosy space.

These features help retain heat inside, and because of their size, they are quick and easy to heat.

Open your curtains during the day to let sunlight in and close them just before dark to keep that warmth in.

Don’t dry clothes inside the cabin. Dry your washing outside or use the deck with overhang roof for shelter if it’s raining. Drying clothes inside will release moisture into the air and make your cabin more difficult to heat.

Use a dehumidifier when possible to extract excess moisture from the air in your RoomMate cabin. A dehumidifier will do a better job if the room it’s drying is warm, so combine a dehumidifier with a heater for the best results.

A small electric heater or an oil column heater is all you need to heat your cabin efficiently. Having them set to a certain temperature will ensure that you won’t overheat your cabin and will also keep your power bill on the lower side.

Air it out

On those beautiful sunny days (or when there’s no rain), open up your cabin windows and door and let that fresh air in. Fresh air eliminates odours, dries out the interior of your cabin, and removes stale air.

When you set up your RoomMate Cabin be sure to leave a gap between any large furniture and the wall and avoid putting mattresses directly on the floor to allow air to circulate. Trapped air can cause condensation between the two spaces making your cabin damp.

Colder temperatures bring people closer together, which isn’t always a good thing!

Keeping your home warm and dry, and creating as much space as possible to spread people out around your home, is key to keeping your family healthy.

Having more sleeping areas available means germs are less likely to spread in colder months when people congregate together.

At RoomMate Cabins we can offer affordable solutions to provide more space at your place – you could even be eligible for WINZ accommodation assistance.

Contact your nearest RoomMate Cabins location to find out more!