How to work from home

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Apr 9, 2020

Many of us at RoomMate Cabins work from home – right out of our own portable cabins – and many of our customers do too. You could say we’re experts. Which is why we understand the huge shift many people are experiencing right now, being forced to work from home (WFH) – and in a hurry.

We’ve put together the following tips to help you (and those within your bubble) adjust to your very own WFH situation.

Choose your space carefully
Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own RoomMate Cabin to work out of at the moment, so it’s important to find a space that is yours. It may be a corner of a bedroom, a section of the hallway, or half the kitchen table. Choosing the right space will reduce your frustration, so pick a space away from the TV, family noise, and general distractions (this includes the fridge!).

Chat with your family about the best place for you to work, while they continue to live – agreement from all parties means a smoother WFH experience for everyone. Make sure your workspace is set up correctly, with the computer at the right height to prevent injuries, and your chair and work surface is comfortable.

It’s also great to have everything you need to do your job at hand, so you don’t need to leave your workspace – stationery, phone, reference books, printer etc.

By creating a work zone that mimics the office, you’re mentally and physically creating work habits and are more likely to stick to them.

Finding new work spaces in a bedroom.

Dress for success
Do you go to work in your pyjamas? Not likely!

Dressing in your standard work attire will help get you in that “at work” mindset. Sure, it may be like casual Friday every day of the week, but it’s about being ready to work.

You can’t fool me! Heels – yes. Pyjamas – no!!!

Keep your regular working routine
Routines are important when working from home.

Get up when your alarm goes off, shower, have breakfast, drink your coffee and then ‘go to work’. The great thing here is you don’t have the normal commute – although if this is something you’re missing you can always go and sit in your car for the required time (one  minute for Timaru, five minutes for Nelson, 20 minutes for Wellington, and an hour for Aucklanders!).

Have regular breaks throughout the day. Go for a walk away from your workspace during your morning and afternoon breaks.

Create a calendar and a to-do list to keep you on track throughout the day.

Reduce interruptions
Most of us are at home and twiddling our thumbs as to what to do next! It’s too easy to pick up the phone and call someone, not realising they’re essentially still at work.

Let your family and friends know you’re WFH and what your hours of work are. People will be very supportive if they know.

Turn social media notifications off and put a notice outside your work area stating you’re “at work”.

Even things you normally hate doing become attractive when working from home – cleaning the car, vacuuming, gardening – stay vigilant. There is time for these later.

Be clear. Let others in your bubble know your hours.

Stay connected with your team
Staying connected with your team is important at this time. We know businesses that are having daily meetings via different video apps to keep everyone on track and continue that feeling of working together.

Reach out to your team if you’re finding certain aspects of WFH difficult. They may share what has helped them. Often if one person is experiencing a difficulty, others are too. You’ll be helping your team by sharing any issues you’re having.

Have some fun while connecting with your colleagues!

Time out is not just for the kids!
Working from home in lockdown is a different scenario to working from home normally – you don’t get a say in the matter

It’s important to acknowledge and work on the fact that you’re suddenly in close quarters with your family constantly when you may normally only see them before and after work.

Remember to be kind and mindful with your words and actions. Everyone in your household is feeling the pressure and lack of space.

Create spaces either indoors or outdoors where you or family members can go to have time out. It may be a chair in the backyard or on a porch. Or it may be a bedroom for an hour.

Give each other space and respect everyone’s needs for time out.

Get creative in creating time-out zones.

Get some exercise into your day.
There are lots of great reasons to get out and do some exercise – and this seems even more important during lockdown. Why? Because exercise:

Breaks up your dayGives you time and space to think
Gets your heart pumping and those endorphins moving around
Moves your joints, and
Helps with fresh ideas and new thoughts
Just make sure you stay close to home and maintain your bubble of social distancing.

Joining in the exercise session on TVNZ – (9am TV1 and 3pm TV2)

Be safe. Be kind. Stay at home.
From your RoomMate Cabins teams around New Zealand, we wish you all well.

PS. If you are enjoying your work from home experience and want to continue after this situation concludes, why not rent a cabin from RoomMate Cabins?

Stay strong. Stay safe. Be kind to each other.