How to use plants to enhance your cabin

indoor plant

Dec 19, 2019

Plants are a great way to add softness, a touch of nature, and homeliness to any home or room, and this is equally true for plants in cabins.

Plants are great for improving your mood, productivity, help your concentration, and also help to reduce stress.

This week we had a Facebook post around what plants were suitable for sunny spots in cabins. We got some great comments and messages so I thought I would talk about some of the suggestions that were made.

Plants to add softness to a cabin.
Every room can be enhanced with the addition of a simple plant.

Peace lilies are probably one of the most recognised indoor plants. When they are in bloom they are absolutely stunning.

Softness can be added with soft looking plants like ferns. High on my list is the Rabbits Foot Fern (my personal favourite as it’s near impossible to kill!!). But other ferns are Maidenhair fern or the Bosten fern.

Ferns do like lowish light and can be a bit picky with watering. But with tender loving care they add a beautiful feature to any room or cabin.

Hardy indoor plants for your cabin.
These are the ones that can survive a week or two without water, don’t need constant re-potting every season, and can handle warm and dry areas.

Aloe are a great plant for these reasons. As well as being a striking plant, it also has great healing qualities.

Spider plants are great hanging plants when you are short on space. I love the way they drape down and have a waterfall effect with the new growth. You can also re-pot the new growth – plants for free!

Succulents and cactus are incredibly versatile in decorating a room. I love that you can plant them in cups or dishes of any size so the container and plant are piece of art as well. They too can handle a bit of tough love.

Follower favourites…
One follower suggested Bromeliads – these come in so many colours that can work with your space and decor.

And another suggested Sansevieria Snake Plant (Mother in laws tongue). This is a really stylish plant and can handle low light and dry air. It’s a striking plant that grows upwards rather than out, so takes up less room.

I know one customer who loves her potted plants inside and outside her cabin – they add a dash of colour when they flower like Gerberas, Pansies, Violas, and Polyanthus. These are great also for hanging baskets outside your cabin.

Artificial plants for those lacking green fingers.
Alas, not all of us have been blessed with green fingers. And that’s where artificial plants come to the rescue! They add all the décor touches without the work of remembering to water them!!

One customer said she uses her cabin for when visitors are staying. Using artificial plants or dried flowers adds a homely touch when people are staying.

Add a plant or two to your cabin deck.
Adding pot plants to your cabin deck has the effect of bringing the outdoors in, when you can see the plants through your front door.

It also softens your front door and makes it feel like home.

Hopefully that has given you some ideas on how you can use plants in your cabin.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use just about anything as a container – from an old cup to a painted tin. And plants can be grown from cuttings from a friends garden or their pot plants. Or you can get them cheap at local markets or at the discount table at garden centres.

Go on! Add some nature to your cabin with a beautiful plant!