How a portable cabin can help your family

family happy time picture

Dec 10, 2019

At RoomMate Cabins we hear a lot of our customers say they need a cabin to keep their family together, to help out a family member, and to support others.

It is one of the things we love about the business. Our customers are helping others, and we’re helping them.

“I want a cabin for my daughter so she can study.”
Providing a space for family members is how families help support each other. We have a lot of students that use our cabins. It gives them a quiet study space, where they can retreat to and get the work done.

But being close to the family is also really important. Being present for special occasions is great. And just hanging out and spending quality time with each other is super important for our health and wellbeing. Having someone to talk to and not being isolated from family is crucial. And that’s a huge benefit to having a cabin at your place.

“My elderly father wants to spend more time with the grandchildren.”
Research has proven that having connections with friends and family is crucial to a long, happy and healthy life.

Having a grandparent living with you can be great for building the family community. So many kids these days miss out on precious time with their elders, so it’s nice when we can help generations of family stay connected.

“My niece lost her job, and I’m using the spare bedroom as a sewing room”.
When the hard times hit, families really want to help out. And there’s no time like losing a job to really feel the pinch.

We frequently get requests for cabins when siblings, children, or relatives have lost their jobs. It’s a hard-enough thing to lose your job, but then there’s the difficulties associated with keeping afloat. Often moving home to family is the best solution. Not only for financial reasons but for emotional and psychological support.

If you are wanting to help a family member or a friend out by offering them their own space at your place, give your local RoomMate Cabin operator a call and have a chat to them about your options.

0800 111 344 – they’re ready for your call!