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RoomMate Cabins are perfect for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Offices
  • Site Office
  • Campground cabin
  • Storage
  • Hobby room
  • Bedroom
  • Teenagers rumpus room
  • Sleepout

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We like nothing better than positive feedback from people who have used RoomMate Cabins!  Here is a selection of comments and reviews from some happy RoomMate customers.


"I just wanted to say that the guys that delivered my cabin today were great.  Very professional and while not the easiest, they placed it exactly where I wanted it.  I was even more impressed that one of them even replaced the sleepers that we shifted during the delivery.  I am moved in already and working away nice and dry while it blows and pours down outside haha."

No Hesitation, No Complication

"I have been renting a cabin from RoomMate Cabins for almost 5 years. I did have a little shop in town, but I got tired of having high lease overheads gobble up my profits and time. 
When I decided to move my business home, I rented a cabin from David and the team, which has been an excellent solution. 
RoomMate Cabins helped me shift houses, upgrade to the larger cabin, shift my cabin when I changed my mind about where I wanted it, then they shifted it again when requsted. All of this was done without hesitation and made my world so much easier and stress free. 
I would strongly recommend dealing with the very accommodating team from RoomMate Cabins."

Alina Taylor
The Nail Boutique

Great Service

"We needed more space at our bach when our daughter and her partner moved in for a few months while they established themselves in a new town. After investigating options like caravans and other cabin rental firms, we are so please we chose RoomMate Cabins to help us out with the extra space. They delivered the cabin on time with a minimum of fuss, and they collected it when they said they would. We found them to be great with communication; they answered our emails promptly and provided friendly efficient service. We used the cabin for two and a half years and thoroughly enjoyed having it. It was spacious, bright, warm, and perfect for our needs. We would happily recommend RoomMate Cabins to family and friends."


Happy Daughter​

My daughter loves the cabin. It works perfectly for her needs and it's amazing how spacious it is to accommodate everything.

Debbie, Glenfield

Thanks Andrew

"The cabin was amazing and your service has been great.  Would definitely consider using a cabin again when required."

Brooke, Glenfield

Great for our school

Hi Quinton

"Re: Use of the cabin we hired for the 2012 school year.

Over the first six months of the year we used the cabin as an office for to special needs teachers. In the second half of the year we used it as a quiet space for our special needs students.

The cabin was ideal for our needs, the rental cost very affordable and would certainly use the cabin again in the future now that we know how well it suited our needs."

Barrie Wickens
Kaka Street Special School, Tauranga

Teenagers retreat!

"I’ve been using a Roommate Cabin for the last 3 months while my nana stayed with us. It was really awesome to have my own space for study and friends. I would recommend these to all teenagers that want to get away from their parents. It was warm and fitted my double bed. So sad to see it go.

Thanks Jo"

Ben, Matua Tauranga

Fast track savings for 1st home buyers!!

"My partner and I used roommate cabins for 5 months while we saved money to buy our first home. In that time we saved thousands of dollars and have now been in our first home for a week. Thank you roommate cabins for renting a cabin to us. You helped us reach our goal and finally own our first home. $55.00 a week is a fantastic price to pay to have your own space while saving for your goals.

Rent a roommate cabin you will love the experience."

Shae, Te Puke

A more harmonious house

"Thanks to RoomMate Cabins our household is more harmonious, as all teenagers are now out from under our feet. We have hired two cabins, which they have stated are both warm, comfortable and offers them a degree of privacy.

Overall the cost for hire is both affordable and value for money. More importantly, we as a whanau, are happy in the knowledge that our loved ones are both secure and happy in their new environments.

I would highly recommend to any and all that were thinking of hiring a cabin for any reason whatsoever, that RoomMate Cabins is the way to go. The installation process was efficient and the installer/owner/operator very professional and friendly. Delivery was quick and prompt and we are totally satisfied with the entire process of ordering, delivery, installation and value for money of the product and service that we have received.

Thanks so much"

Rona, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Just in time!

"Friendly, courteous and efficient service. Came at just the right time when we absolutely needed more accommodation and there was nowhere we could fit another person in our house. Importantly for us, the weekly rental was reasonable and because of this we were able to work it into our budget.

On the negative, It took longer than we had anticipated to wrap up the refund at the end of our hireage (I think Andrew was overseas at the time) but we would certainly recommend RoomMate Cabins to others."

Ken & Margi, Henderson, Auckland

Recommended as an extra room

"I hired our cabin as we needed an extra room for myself when I moved back home. It was exactly what we needed and for a good price. Delivery was easy and didn’t take long to set up even though we had limited space to place the cabin. Dealings with Andrew were great, always very efficient in replying to my emails.

Overall I was very pleased with this service and would recommend it to anyone that was needing some extra space.

Thanks guys,"

Amber, Kumeu

Between houses

"We sold our house and moved to parents while we looked for a new home. The cabin worked out well for us. We looked at caravans etc also, but the cabin was definitely good value for money. Excellent service, friendly owners, no issues at all throughout, on time for drop off and pick up. These cabins are perfect for what we required."

Amanda, Torbay, Auckland

RoomMate Cabins were ideal as a project office/laboratory

RoomMate Cabins were ideal for our use as a project office/laboratory and provided a warm comfortable environment for our teams in remote locations, under all types of weather conditions and at a very reasonable cost.

The local RoomMate Franchisee provided reliable and friendly service and willingly modified then delivered the Cabins to our unique requirements.

Neil, Otago

I’m delighted with my RoomMate Cabin

I’m delighted with my RoomMate Cabin and amazed at just what I can store in it. Although it won’t be used a great deal for sleeping accommodation, it will also serve this purpose well on occasions.

I am particularly pleased with the clean lines of the structure itself – not unpleasant for my neighbours to have to look at.

Roxane, Waikato

It is a very roomy office

Hi Teena, Yes that’s fine we are very pleased with the cabin.

We are still using it as an office and it is very roomy with 2 desks and 2 computers and a large wardrobe type cupboard all installed in here. Also stays nice and dry in the weather.

Thelma, Northland

We would recommend Roomate Cabins to anyone

Thanks Roommate Cabins.  The two cabins we hired for a year whilst adding our dream home onto our 54 sq metre poolhouse were lifesavers.

Our 12 year old girl and 15 year old boy just loved having their own space. The rooms were a perfect size for a bedroom and all the kids gear and we would recommend Roomate Cabins to anyone. The cabins kept us sane during the building process and were very affordable.

Many thanks again,"
Mike and Shontelle, Northland

I’ve had my RoomMate cabin for 3 years

I have been renting my cabin for 3yrs now. As a self employed massage therapist wanting minimum overheads and ideally wanting to work from home the cabin has been perfect for me. It has been easily situated on the front of my property and (the power) conveniently just plugs in to the house.

The size is great being small enough to not need council permission, yet being sizable enough to fit my needs and easy to warm in winter.

Bridget, Hawkes Bay

A haven for my son and his girlfriend

We were needing an extra room for our son and his girlfriend as they couldn’t afford to go flatting. They can still join the family environment when they want but can escape to their own haven.

I must also say that Charlie was wonderful to deal with. I emailed him several times with my queries and they were always promptly replied to and he was even able to come through with a window change at the last moment. His service was fantastic.

Jane, Otago

A great home office

Our RoomMate cabin has been an incredible investment as a home office.

Getting to work is as simple as taking 15 steps from our front door. Our RoomMate portable cabin provides plenty of room to work, is quiet and very well insulated.

Having our cabin saves us thousands of dollars a year in leasing fees.  By not having a commercial office elsewhere we also save on bills for power, phone, internet access, insurance and travel costs and all for very small monthly fee.  Best of all, I am able to stay close to my family during the day.

I can absolutely recommend a RoomMate portable cabin as an additional sleep out or a small home office.

Managing Director, Canterbury