Do you need extra space at your workplace?


Oct 10, 2019

Our portable cabins provide a variety of spaces at work sites to make everyone’s working day much more pleasant.

Sometimes you need an extra work space but the cost of building, buying or moving to bigger premises just blows the budget. And you may only need it temporarily.

A cabin delivered to you gives you the opportunity to test whether you need more permanent extra space, or you can opt for a long-term cabin.

The great thing is, when you’re finished with it, you simply ring up your RoomMate Cabin operator and let them know you don’t require the cabin anymore.

A cabin as a lunch room.
A cabin is the perfect spot for employees to relax on their breaks. With tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge for their lunches, and a place to sit – they’ll feel well looked after by their employer.

Add a picnic table and chairs outside and you’ve got the perfect lunch spot on a nice day!

It’s also a great space to leave their belongings safe and out of the weather (the cabins are lockable).

A cabin as an on-site meeting room.
Rather than standing around outside, a meeting can be a lot more productive if there’s a dedicated space for work site meetings. That’s where a cabin comes in very handy.

You can:

  • write up notes
  • have a brainstorming session with the team
  • have a health and safety meeting
  • host a guest speaker
  • set up a computer desk with files for completion of paperwork etc.

Extra office space as you need it.
If your business is expanding and you need another office worker, then a cabin is a perfect office option. And with the large cabin there’s enough space for two people to work comfortably in the same space.

The versatility of our cabins means that you can use the cabin how ever you wish. It doesn’t need to be one space used for just one thing.

Got a visitor for the day that needs a desk to work at temporarily?

Set them up in the cabin so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently without having to leave the site.

The perfect extra space solution for your worksite.
So, whatever your cabin needs are, you can adapt a RoomMate Cabin to fit your requirements.

Give us a call on 0800 111 344 to speak to your local RoomMate Cabin operator. They’re here to help you get the perfect extra space you need.