Nelson, Blenheim

Cabin Features and Pricing

Dare To Compare.

RoomMate is the largest supplier of portable rooms in the Nelson, Marlborough areas so we usually have cabins available whenever you want them. The cabin design has a residential look which blends in well with properties and doesn't look out of place. Ideal as a sleepout or cost effective home office or to run a business from home. We have a limited number of cabins with heat pumps. No need for steps as our cabins are not on wheels.

RoomMate Cabins are ready to go with the following features:

  • Full head height
  • Outside Deck
  • Full insulation to a residential standard
  • Polyfoam under floor insulation
  • Power lead, conventional 3 pin or 16 amp caravan.
  • Electrical Warrant of Fitness.
  • Large windows
  • Two double powerpoints
  • Phone wiring
  • Carpet or Linoleum floor covering.
  • Curtain tracks and glides.
  • Smoke alarm
  • Exterior light.